Returns Hurthing Businesses Bottom Line

Returns !!! Every online-seller’s nightmare, seems to have gotten worse this year.

Total returns account for more than $400 billion and growing. The losses are alarming. What is even more concerning is the practice by several top rated #onlineshopping, #ecommerce sites and #marketplaces to simply abandon the returns.

Shipping costs have inflated to the point that most online sellers find it cost prohibitive to pay return shipping.

We all understand why, the question I would like to raise and learn from anyone / everyone out there is:

Is this a trend that needs to be culled before it turns into a forever- monster?

Just as free shipping and free returns have become an industry standard will “claim a refund & keep the product” become a standard too?

Share your thoughts and solutions here and on: Online Sellers, Brand Owners group on linkedIn., a new consumer oriented-seller centric marketplace, has put a few measures in place to help our seller partners reduce returns and we promote our customers to buy responsibly, be compassionate and considerate before causally returning for the slightest reason.

Wishing all Happy Holidays.




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