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3 min readJun 24, 2021


The United States has seen a considerable decline in the covid cases and deaths have significantly reduced.

Life is now slowly coming back to normal as all states have reopened their economies for business. This is not only a positive news for the US but the entire world.

While the work from home culture may become the new norm or continue for several months, its essential for individuals to still continue following the guidelines set by World Health Organization.


· Wear a mask when stepping out

· Maintain social distancing

· Wash your hands frequently to keep the coronavirus away.

Working from home has shifted how society functions, especially eating habits.

Here is a quick guide that TurtlesEgg.Com have put together for your benefits.

1. Don’t mix work with meals

Yes! we all agree that its convenient for us to eat and work but not advisable for your digestive system and health.

Set a fixed schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner and dedicated space not next to your workspace will help. By doing so, you can:

a. Avoid overeating

b. Get into a fixed routine

c. Stop snacking at your work desk

2. Choose Your Meals Wisely

Avoid snacking while working. Rather than fueling your body, these snacks can severely impact your mood. Most snacks fail to supply adequate nutrients that your body demands.

So, ensure you have a balanced diet that includes:

· Proteins

· Fiber

· Fats

· Vegetables

· Fruits

Working from home has given room for flexible routine that’s usually skipping breakfast. Known to be the most important mean of the day.

You can keep it simple but having few hours before your lunchtime is essential. It can be a combination of fruits, oatmeal, juice or protein bars. Follow these steps to keep yourself eating healthy:

· Don’t store junk foods at home, If you do, hide them so no one can find them, including you 😊

· Take a break from your work and dedicate few minutes in preparing healthy snacks

· Avoid sweet and salty foods.

· Avoid fried foods when possible

We all love coffee, however the temptation to drink excessively can have negative side-effects. Remember Coffee is a diuretic. Some common issues include:

· Headaches

· Anxiety

· Digestion Issues

· Fatigue

· Loss of Sleep

So instead of coffee drink green tea or just water. This helps you to increase your alertness and concentration in a positive way.

Lot of people tend to forget that hydrated body often gives healthy skin and makes you feel energetic.

So, keep a bottle filled with water on your desk daily in the morning. This encourages you to drink more.

Rather than drinking all at once, its recommended that you take frequent sips on regular intervals to stay hydrated. On average, drinking 3–4 liters a day is strongly suggested.

3. Other Tips To Stay Healthy

Along with the eating habits, Team Turtle suggests to have some physical activities as well. Check out our blog on STAYING HEALTHY here.

Hope this article inspires you to get active and healthy.

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