The Best & Complete Guide To Successfully Sell On TurtlesEgg.Com Marketplace

6 min readJun 22, 2021


Are you an ecommerce vendor, brand owner, manufacturer located in the United States and looking to grow?

Are you struggling to reach greater digital audience or simply looking for additional venues to generate higher revenue with lower commissions and fees?

If yes, don’t wait! TurtlesEgg.Com is the go to platform.

Team Turtle has compiled best practice guide for your success on our platform. It’s all about “Together We Win”!

Who & Why TurtlesEgg.Com Marketplace?

TurtlesEgg.Com is a new socially responsible multivendor ecommerce marketplace that facilitates business owners small, big, local and national to reach their targeted audience and succeed in their vision.

We provide an ultimate platform that cares equally for both sellers and customers across the United States. Turtles Egg is one of the fastest growing ecommerce business with few vendors already on board like Blue Collar Outlet for example.

Local and small businesses, with limited time and budget resources, undergo several challenges with managing online presence, promoting business identity, ability to create loyal customer base, high costs of advertising, inability to reduce bracketing etc.

This directly affect sales, revenue and profits growth and more importantly the quality of life local and small business owners seek.

TurtlesEgg provides the right platform for you by addressing these challenges. Here are the benefits that you can leverage upon:

  1. It’s All About Brands and Sellers

Your brands, business, location displayed openly on TurtlesEgg.Com

2. Low Commissions and Fees

Transparent low commission rates. Free Seller Plans till 2022

3. Control And Protect Brands

Know who is selling your brand, control your brands destiny and integrity

4. Customers and Resellers

Sell to a wider audience, growing customer and reseller base

5. Taxes, We Do It All

We handle collection, filing and compliance even in your nexus state

6. Non-Compete Promise

Turtles Egg will not compete with seller partners

7. Charity, Doing Good

Support charities without dipping into sellers profits

Indeed, you as a seller might be having questions before signing-up on our marketplace, visit TurtlesEgg corner for frequently asked questions (FAQ) and get your questions addressed right away.

More questions? Contact Team Turtle, call 1 (239)-325–9490 or email

Watch a video here on how to become a vendor.

How To Sell Effectively On TurtlesEgg.Com Marketplace?

Turtles Egg is the most flexible ecommerce marketplace that allows sellers to sell variety of products excluding the following…

· Adult & Sexuality Related Products

· Used Products (Used Books Are Allowed)

· Firearms, Weapons

· Illegal & Prescribed Drugs

· Tobacco, Weeds

We follow a stringent process of reviewing your application and promise to revert within 24hrs. Once approved, you will receive an email with a link and required credentials to access your personalized seller dashboard. You are all set to start selling on TurtlesEgg.Com.

We want our sellers life to be as simple as possible. So, we have simplified our commission rates based on the pricing plans you choose.

We have 11 various pricing plans to suit all your requirements. Turtles Egg provides monthly and yearly plans to provide extreme flexibility. Here are the details.

Minority plans include women, minority and veterans businesses. Simply provide a state or any minority agency certificate for verification.

As a seller you can register yourself by visiting our seller portal with a few easy and quick steps. Choose a plan, fill out the application that’s it. Once approved get access to your own dashboard for success.

Step 1: Showcasing Your Products

This is a critical aspect for your brand visibility on our marketplace. You will need to work on attractive titles, descriptions and several high quality images to attract your customers. Apart from high quality images, TurtlesEgg also advices you to add videos along with the photos. This will enable better engagement with your audience and possibly lead to conversions. However, we do have guidelines that we encourage our sellers to abide to:

· Image Requirements: We require a minimum of 3 high quality images, product fills atleast 75% of the photo, it must be JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), TIFF (.tif) or PNG(.png) formats and images must not be blurry, pixelated, or have jagged edges.

· Video Requirements: We suggest to add a video but not mandatory. Here are the requirements: Any products used must be yours and you must be the brand owner, no defamatory or derogatory statements about competitor products or brands, videos shouldnt contain prices and shouldnt direct customers outside TurtlesEgg Marketplace.

Step 2: Building Brand Awareness

Well, now that we have discussed about signing-up and uploading your product catalogue, your next big step is doing marketing right. Uploading products and waiting for a sale to happen? This will not possible, you will need to do promote it through proper SEO tactics. Here are quick guidelines for your success:

· Maintain SEO Title Between 70–90 characters

· Provide a Title That Addresses Your Brand, Product Name & Model

· Do Proper Keyword Research & Add Those In The Product Description

· Ensure Your Product Description Is Around 200–300 Words

· Never Do Keyword Stuffing

· Incorporate Rich Content For Higher Retention Rate

· Analyze Google Trends & Adapt Your Organic Description

With Ultimate Seller Plan and above, you can take advantage of our bold social media promotions too! We care for our sellers and offer this as goodwill. We strongly believe in our motto of “Together We Win!”.

How To Better Your Sales On TurtlesEgg.Com Marketplace?

We provide stars for our sellers and greater the stars the better credibility you establish with our customers. Sounds simple, but you got to earn them by following these 5 point criteria:

· Customer Service (your ratings, escalations etc…)

· Shipping Time

· Pricing

· Return & Refund Practice

· Your Involvement In Promoting Your Brand & Us

Here are quick guidelines to reach more audience and increase sales

· Offer your best pricing, make sure your cover your costs & shipping expenses, try to be fair to the customer and your business. Above all make sure your product pricing is the same or lower than your listings on another channel.

· Be absolutely honest with product pictures, product descriptions, and delivery times.

· Ship orders with a sense of urgency.

· Show your appreciation, add a small gift with the order, low on the budget than a simple “Thank You” note is sufficient. We want customers to know how much their business means to your bottom line and take the opportunity to promote your business. YES, we want you to.

· Show off your store on with banners, promote your store by sharing the link to your customers, social media and proudly displaying Turtles Egg sticker on your door front. YES available free, just ask for one and it will be sent.

· Build confidence in your customer base and grow your reputation while growing your revenue.

· Stand behind the unquestionable money-back guarantee. A necessary evil of doing business online, but an absolute necessity. We require all our Sellers to provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

· Provide free shipping, we all know free is not free as the cost of shipping is built in. Did you know that free shipping is the second most popular influencer of online purchasing decisions? The phrase “free shipping” is music to the ears to many who shop online. Indeed, 90% of customers say that free shipping is the no. 1 incentive to shopping online. Free Shipping is a must if you want to sell on TurtlesEgg.Com ecommerce marketplace.

Then why wait, sign-up on our ecommerce platform now! If you are facing any difficulties here is how you can reach us:

· Facebook Messenger

· Live Chat On Our Website

· Phone: +1 (239)-325–9490

· Email: